I am the mother of 2 wonderful daughters and the grandmother of 2 just as precious girls



Gry Elfengård Månsson - født 1. juli 1999

Ann Elfengård Månsson født 19 september 1997

.I was born on March 23, 1957 on my grandfathers farm in Krøjerup - at 9.25 am. My aunt was supposed to feed me sugar water until my mother was able to nurse me, but she forgot. Consequently, I was 3 days old before I had my first meal, and I can tell you that though I enjoy a good meal today, that first meal was the best meal I ever had.

My parents used to ride their bikes when I was a baby, and I came along for the ride in a trailer. One day it started to rain heavily and my parents seeked cover. However, they forgot that my trailer did not have a drain, and when they finally checked on me I was doing the backstroke. That's how I learned to swim. And once I got started there was no way of stopping me. At the age of 15 I was challenged to swim 4000 meters. I took the challenge and succeeded. But that's another story.

It was on one of my parents bike tours I got my name. At first they wanted to name me Karen or Mette, not that there's anything wrong with those names, but thank God (or fate) for small favours. One day when having a rest my parents incidentially looked at the street name. It said: Anne Birgitte's Vej. They looked at each other and agreed. Famous people get a street named after them - other people get named after a street. I guess I am other people.

When I was 19 years old my younger brother started to fool around with CB radio's and I was hooked immediately. It was fascinating and I just had to learn everything I could about it. Radio races and CQ DX and suddenly I was talking with someone in Italy or England, Canada, Lebanon or Sao Paolo. Friends all over the world. Again, allegations about how bright you had to be to pass the test and become a licensed radioamateur challenged me to begin to study for the test. I had to prove that anyone could do it. And I did.

At some point computers came into my life. At first it was a Commodore 64. The need for supplemental inventory software for my business inspired me to learn to write simple programs and get aquainted with the concept. One thing leading to another and soon I started to explore the PC. I hate being dependant of others to help me out whenever I have a problem, so naturally it was not enough for me to be able to use the software. I had to know it inside out. And the more I learned about it, the more I found use for it in my life. And today the radio communication has been replaced by email and net2phone calls.

When I started developing this site, I had no knowledge, what so ever, about html programming, but determination is a good teacher, and a good editor is half the work. Learning by doing. That's the story of my life. And look how that turned out. There's only one link on my index page leading to a story of fiction, and that's my fairy tale story for children. My poetry and the short stories are all about me and the people I have met, the genealogy pages, which goes back 300 years, tell the story of a hard working family which I am proud to be a part of. Thank God (or fate) I'm a country girl.




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